(WCDA 2019)
Tirana International Conference Centre
Tirana, Albania
27 – 29 June 2019

Abstracts Submission Due Date: June 21, 2019 (Last Extension)

  • You may publish your article on a journal indexed by Scopus or Web of Science (ESCI) following a review process and by paying an additional registration fee. For more information…
  • Selected papers will be published in Supporting or other Journals: Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (SSCI, SCI-Expanded, ESCI) or SCOPUS.
  • The selected papers will be published as special issue of Global Journal of Arts Education (In review of Web of Science and Scopus)
  • The Remain accepted full papers will be published as proceedingsNew Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences and also submitted to SCOPUS and : Clarivate Analytics Conference Proceedings Citation Index – CPCI (ISI Web of Science) for evaluation for inclusion in the list. For more information please click here…
  • In addition, distinguished keynote speakers who are internationally renowned in the field will be giving presentations at the conference. You will also have a chance to discuss your works with the editors of the most respected journals.
  • Abstracts and full papers must be English Language. If you would like you should present your paper Arabic language. So, you must send to an email message wcda.secretariat@gmail.com. Your request will be added the programme.
  • All proposals will be subjected to peer-reviews.
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Virtual Presentation Opportunities
  • Best paper and Poster Awards
  • Participation certificate,
  • Entrance to all workshops,
  • Online Abstract Book,
  • Free Wi-Fi and etc.
  • Conference bag
  • Lunches
  • Historical Places Tour
  • More information wcda.secretariat@gmail.com

Start here to submit a abstract to this conference

2nd World Conference on Design and Arts – 2013
09 – 12 May 2013 – Bucharest – Romania

World Conference on Design and Arts – 2013
01 – 04 May 2012 – Antalya – Turkey

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Спасибо за информацию!!!!!
Thanks for the information!!!!!


Оказываем услуги:
ремонт частотных преобразователей, наладка промышленной автоматики, автоматизация технологических процессов, ремонт промышленной электроники, ремонт устройств плавного пуска, модернизация промышленного оборудования, ремонт силовой электроники:
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Предлагаем услуги:
автоматизация технологических процессов, модернизация промышленного оборудования, ремонт устройств плавного пуска, ремонт силовой электроники, ремонт частотных преобразователей, ремонт промышленной электроники, наладка промышленной автоматики:
E3-8100-007H, FR-F740-01160, P3-E520-7.5K, CIMR-G7A40370, CFW100026SAZ, MA7200-4002-N1, CIMR-J7CC40P40, VZAB4P0BAA, SJ300-150LFU, ATV71EXC5C50N4, ATV61WD37N4A24, FR-A540-0.75K, CIMRV7AZ25P51, ATS48D47Q, 3G3RV-A4185, FR-A820-00046-1-N6, CIMR-G7A41P51, L300P-185HFU2, WJ200-022SF, CIMR-J7CC40P70, CIMRF7Z41321B, ATV71HU40N4Z, SMC930050-P, P3-E540-0.75K, E1-9013 1000H, VZA45P5FAA GBR, N3-405-C, CIMRV7AZ45P51, CIMRV7SC40P27, M810-03400062A, EQ7-4020-C, FR-A220-7.5K-UL, CIMR-V7AT22P20, 3G3RV-A4055, M600-07401000A, CIMR-E7Z41320B, FR-A520-22K, CFW-090070TGZ, CIMR-E7Z45P51, CIMRE7Z40900B, VFD1320F43A, CIMRE7Z20P41A, ATV71HD11N4383, ATV312H018M2, ATV71E5D18N4, CIMR VMS 2011, M600-08401340A, MA7200-4015-N1, CIMR-F7Z40181, CIMR-E7Z41600B, PA7300-4125-N1, CIMRV7AZB2P20B, CIMRF7Z41601B, CIMR-G7C20151B, CIMR-V7AZB0P70B, CIMRF7Z40750B, ATV212WD37N4, CIMR-E7C27P51, M600-10403200E, GP104010-4M, M3430B, CV102001-91, EQ5-4030-N1, M600-09402000A, CIMR-V7AT42P20, ATV61EXC2C11N, L200-040HFU, ATV71E5D45N4, M400-09202190E, CIMR-V7AZB4P00, CIMR-F7A40900, M400-02400018A, CIMR-E7C45P51, M600-06400470A, FR-F740-00126, SVX005A1-4A1B1, MP470A6, CIMRG7C40900A, ATV61HD55Y, E1-7011 250H, FR-A740-00060, CIMR-E7Z40111B, CIMR-E7Z41601A, WJ200-015SF, SMC920075, CIMR-F7C20P71, CIMR-F7Z23P71, FR-F540-5.5K, 3G3RV-B2300, GP104001, CIMR MR5A 2037, E1-7011 150H, FR-V540-37K, M100-01100056A, CIMRV7TC42P27, CIMRE7Z40182A, M400-094002240E, M600-09402000E, ATV31C055N4, CIMR-F7Z20901B, и др.

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