Best of Athens Day Tour

  • 08:30 Departure from the hotels
  • See Athens’ ancient and modern highlights in half a day
  • Lunch in a traditional Greek tavern with authentic Greek dishes or fresh fish – seafood
  • Visiting Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Temple Of Zeus, Syntagma Square, Ancient Agora of Athens and the Port of Piraeus
  • 18:00 Returning to the hotel

What’s Included:

  • Professional and experienced licensed guide during the tours.
  • Transportation by a comfortable AC non-smoking Luxurious car / minivan with professional driver.

Price: FREE

Acropolis of Athens                                

The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon. Ruins of iconic 5th-century B.C. temple complex on Athens’ rocky hilltop undergoing restoration. The Acropolis of Athens and its monuments are universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilization and form the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek Antiquity to the world.


The Parthenon is a former temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron. Construction began in 447 BC when the Athenian Empire was at the peak of its power. It was completed in 438 BC, although decoration of the building continued until 432 BC. It is the most important surviving building of Classical Greece, generally considered the zenith of the Doric order. Its decorative sculptures are considered some of the high points of Greek art. The Parthenon is regarded as an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece, Athenian democracy and Western civilization and one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments


Plaka is without a doubt one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Athens, with its narrow streets, lovely neoclassical buildings, small cafes, traditional tavernas, souvenir shops and ancient ruins in almost every corner. Plaka is in the heart of the center of Athens, just under the Acropolis hill, yet has a totally different air than the rest of the city center, creating a feeling of nostalgia of the old Athens.

Syntagma Square 

Syntagma Square is the central square of Athens. The square is named after the Constitution that Otto, the first King of Greece, was obliged to grant after a popular and military uprising on 3 September 1843. It is located in front of the 19th century Old Royal Palace, housing the Greek Parliament since 1934. Syntagma Square is the most important square of modern Athens from both a historical and social point of view, at the heart of commercial activity and Greek politics.

Port of Piraeus      

The Port of Piraeus is the chief sea port of Athens, Greece, situated upon the Saronic Gulf on the western coasts of the Aegean Sea, the largest port in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. The Port of Piraeus served as the port of Athens since ancient times. The Port of Piraeus is located on the southwest part of Athens. The history of the port can be traced to 490 BC, when the Athenians realizing the strategic importance of the deep water harbor, converted it into a military harbor. Shipyards were built and massive fortifications were established to host the mighty Athenian fleet, thus turning the harbor into one of the most powerful naval bases in the Aegean Sea.


The Zappeion is one of the most important buildings of Athens next to the National Garden, its construction was financed by Evangelos Zappas. Grand hall built in the 1880s for the first modern Olympic games, now used as a conference center. The Royal Garden was commissioned by Queen Amalia in 1838 and completed by 1840. It was designed by the German agronomist Friedrich Schmidt who imported over 500 species of plants and a variety of animals including peacocks, ducks, and turtles. 

Important Note:  If some participants have a flight on tour days, they can join the tour as well. According to their flight time, they can get off the bus in city centre and get a transport to go to the Airport.

Note: Only, the museums entrance fee and lunch will be paid by the participants.