Prof. Dr. Çetin Bektaş
Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, Turkey

Keynote Title: “How to Reach Organizational Creativity Using Individual Skills in Management?

Abstract: The concept of talent is usually a concept that identifies with people. Ability; it is the feature of reasoning in accordance with the knowledge, skills and experiences of the individual. There are some basic components that make up the skill. These; leadership, creativity, success and practical thinking skills. Effective use of individual skills will create new ideas and products in the organization. As it is known, one of the five basic inputs of production is the labor called “labor”. Unlike other production inputs, the workforce is the only production input with efficiency. Therefore, it is the primary responsibility of the human resources department to discover and reveal the individual talents of the staff. Organizational synergy will be achieved when the individual talents used effectively are brought together. The identification and evaluation of individual talents play an important role in ensuring organizational creativity. The emergence of individual ability is directly related to the individual’s knowledge, skill and job motivation. Individual talents alone are insufficient to provide organizational creativity. For this, the necessary resources must be provided to the individual talents. However, organizational motivation and management need to provide the appropriate working climate. Organizational creativity will be achieved when applications that reveal individual talents and creative management practices come together. Organizational creativity will contribute to increasing efficiency and efficiency in the business as it will create an environment for commercialized ideas. In addition, internal and external customer satisfaction will increase and the organization will gain competitive advantage in many areas.