Abstract Submission


Abstracts should comprise 200-300 words and should be structured as follows:

  • Research problem or aims of the study
  • Participants and their attributes
  • Research method
  • Outcomes of the research
  • Conclusions
  • Implications for future research
Discussion papers should be structured as follows:

  • Background
  • Purpose of the study
  • Sources of evidence
  • Main argument
  • Conclusions

If you have any problem with this form or have not heard about your abstract by the beginning of August, 2014, please contact the conference e-mail: iced.infodesk@gmail.com


  • One month before the conference, working on Abstracts CD starts, and  Draft Abstract CD List is published in the conference website. Please do not forget to send a copy of your abstract organized in an “Abstract CD Template” to awer.editors@gmail.com  in a word format
  •  For more info, and to follow up the list please visit: http://www.globalcenter.info/ic-ed/ 

Contacts for Abstract or Full Paper Submissions Only
WhatsApp: +905428566055
E-mail: iced.infodesk@gmail.com

Important Note: This phone opens from 9.00 am to 18.00 pm (GMT+02:00 – Athens, Istanbul) during the week. If the organizer of the conference is not convenient, he might not reply your phone. You can call again after a while in order to contact to him.

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