Virtual Presentation

There will be an online practice session to give virtual presenters a chance to learn how to share their slides using Google Meet’s share a slide/document feature. All participants must be prepared according to the given criteria. If you come across any problems, you may get in contact through the following e-mail address:

Researchers who are unable to resolve the funding issue concerning the conference expenses will be provided with an alternative approach for participation, namely, Virtual Online Presentation. Those who would like to make their presentations online from their home countries will also be awarded with a certificate and their papers will be considered for publication similar to other participants as if they were present physically.

Those who would like to make use of the Virtual Online Presentation facility will be requested to send their virtual posters or other soft copy materials such as power point presentations to the secretariat. Both the papers and the electronic materials will be shared during the conference on available screens situated in the hall for poster presentations. Each and every virtual poster or paper presentation will be associated with an electronic forum through which the participants may e-interact with the researchers and authors during and even after the conference. The researchers who receive such feedback, questions, suggestions or opinions will be expected to contribute in a similar way through providing answers to questions and replying to any feedback given by the participants of the conference.

In addition, these participants who would prefer to make use of the Virtual Online Presentation facility may also contribute to the conference through video conferencing. Such participants will need to be well equipped at their side so that they can actively take part in the video conferences and also, they will be expected to send their presentation materials to the conference secretariat before they make their presentations in an interactive manner.

If you are interested in Virtual participation to our conference, please send an email to the conference secretariat. The details will be announced later on the conference web site.